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School Room

The schoolhouse honors a Payson teacher, Irene Colvin Corbett, who had left teaching to train to become a nurse. After receiving her training, the Payson teacher boarded the infamous Titantic and never returned to Utah again.
The school room shows you how a school room would have looked in 1901. Children helped raise the flag outside, led the pledge of allegiance, said the prayer, cleaned the boards and erasers, etc. It gave the kids a sense of responsibility. Note George Washington's picture. His picture is not in all of the schools today. The picture demonstrates pride and patriotism. Spelling words denote words used in that period. Flowers on the room's boarder made the room cheerful. Teacher and students changed this every month. The three R's were stressed - reading, writing, and 'rithmatic. Their penmanship was practiced until perfect. Inkwells and pens were used.


The Tabernacle Exhibit has artifacts from the Nebo Stake Tabernacle that was erected in 1906 and demolished in 1986. The podium, an antique chair,a bench, a window, an interior buttress and a model of the tabernacle are on display.

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